Bilal Bajinka is ten now and a very promising young student. He is in grade three now, so quite a commitment for someone to take on.


Sukai Nyang is 13, a clever girl at a very decent school who just needs a chance. She is in grade 7 at the moment.

Hamza and Yaya

Both children were born completely blind. They come from a family of five children. Both parents work when they are able. The mother in the market and the father is a tiler, but work is intermittent.


Isatou is 13 years old, her mother and father no longer live together. Isatou is an only child and she is looked after by her mother who works in a lodge as a cleaner when she can find work.

Isatou's schooling was looked after for a while by her uncle, but now he has a wife and family of his own, he is not in a position to support her. She is in desperate need of finding a sponsor. Her uncle and mother will try very hard to ensure that Isatou takes real advantage of the opportunity offered by someone supporting her.


Matilda is about 14 years of age. The mother does not know her date of birth. She has one more year at The Govi school. She is very short sighted and can only see through one eye, and then only when items are very near to her.

FoTGA pays her bush taxi fares to enable her to get to school. Matilda is one of seven children and the mother is alone as the father abandoned them.


Momodou Nyang is 14 years old, he is a hard working and promising student in grade 7 at his school.

His last report showed him to be in second place in his class of 50 children, and it's a good school!

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