Who are we?

The Friends of The Gambia Association is a UK based charity sponsoring childrens' Education, Building Schools and small Medical facilities, in The Gambia, West Africa
The Friends of The Gambia Association (FoTGA) was formed by a group of people who had visited The Gambia in 1990. It became a UK Registered Charity in 1995 and in 2000 obtained NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) status in The Gambia. We, on the Committee are all unpaid volunteers and meet quarterly to manage the charity from the UK. Day to day business in The Gambia is taken care of by our permanent office team and by UK committee members during their own holidays.

We spend most money and time
To Advance Education
After that we try, through the projects
To Alleviate Pain and Suffering
And finally we try, through direct help
To Relieve Poverty

Our Story

  1. Sukuta Health Centre

    FoTGA built a 2 apartment staff quarter at the clinic, following that, toilets to the mens ward was added.
    Then with help from a donor a sheltered waiting area for patients & baby weighing was built.

  2. St. Martins Lower Basic School, Kartong.

    FoTGA funded the repair of classrooms to make them weatherproof.

  3. Njolfen Ram Fattening Project

    FoTGA provided funding for an Animal Husbandry Project at the Lower Basic School in order to teach the children proper care of animals, unfortunately the head teacher who requested the funding knew nothing of animal husbandry so the project was handed over to the village as a ram fattening project.

  4. Kaur Milling Machine

    FoTGA funded the overhaul and repair of the village milling machine. The machine had been idle for a number of years.

  5. Bakindik Nursery School

    A member of FoTGA raised funds for the building of a nursery school at Bakindik The nursery school has been replaced with a new school funded by a Belgian charity in a different part of the village.


  6. Maka Ali Sarr Nursery School

    First FoTGA built a kitchen next to the Lower Basic school in the Upper River Division then FoTGA built this Nursery School. It had to be rebuilt when the original building was destroyed by storms. The school is now part of the Maka Ali Sarr Lower Basic School.


  7. Kerr Serign Health Post

    Kerr Serign is the area where the charity was formed in 1990 by tourists who had formed an affection for The Gambia. The Kerr Serign Health Post was built in at the request of the village and has been very well used by the villagers, saving a long walk to Sukuta.

  8. Brufut Caledonian Nursery School  

    A group of travel agents from Scotland funded some improvements. Work included repairs to the classrooms and a new boundary wall.


  9. Hanne Vibbe Nursery

    Office and toilet building. Supported by Kate Dudley Smith


  10. Nioro Garden Project

    A member of FoTGA funded a garden project at Nioro in the Central River Division. The project included the provision of two wells, one used for irrigation and the other for general water supply for the village.


  11. Brikama Jeddah Nursery School

    FoTGA built 2 classrooms to replace mud block rooms which had disintegrated. This was followed by a solid 3 classroom nursery school in the grounds of the Lower Basic School to replace another crumbling mud brick building.
    The charity has also updated the water supply to the school, built a new kitchen building and a dining shelter.

  12. Govi School for the blind

    FoTGA funded a banana project for the school to raise funds to feed through its banana crop. Rebuilt a crumbling perimeter wall.
    FoTGA also provides a regular monthly supply of rice.

  13. Bakindik Health Outpost

    At the request of the village and the health authority FoTGA funded the build of a Health Outpost at Bakindik on the former Nursery school site. A 3 ward building has been erected with a security wall surrounding the site. Some of the committee and members attended the handover to the Health authority and Government ceremony in 2016. The cost of the first phase was about £90,000
    The plan is to raise funds for phase 2 once the first phase is fully operational.

  14. Ongoing work

    FoTGA has helped to fund 498 Cataract operations to date. More are planned.

    FoTGA has supported the annual Brufut ‘Marathon’ Run since the late ‘90s

Registered Address: FoTGA, 8 Essex Close, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4NP Telephone: 08454 968078 Registered Charity UK No 1051745, and NGO in The Gambia No A92 Email: info@fotga.org.uk

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